JAXA Earth API for Python


This API package for Python was developed for the utilization of various earth observation data held by JAXA. By using this API, you can easily acquire and process data without worrying about the specifications, sensors, resolution, etc. of each satellite data.


JAXA/EORC does not guarantee the content, accuracy, operation, etc. of the database and the API. JAXA/EORC are not responsible for any event or accident caused by the use of this API or modules or databases. The API and data provision service may be terminated without notice in the future. The use of the API and the database in a manner that is offensive to public order and morals or otherwise inappropriate in terms of social norms is prohibited. These license terms are subject to change.

For license terms regarding each product’s collection data, please check the license information on the STAC for each data’s collection.

If you intend to publish your results using the API in a paper or other publication, please state so in the text (Example: “The data used in this paper was obtained using the JAXA Earth API for Python”). Also, If you have any questions about the API, please feel free to contact JAXA.

JAXA Earth API for Python Secretariat