2023/01/10 - Almost datasets were updated including past data before 2020.
2022/08/16 - JAXA Earth API for Python Version 0.1.2 (Prototype) is available.
2022/06/09 - Prototype of JAXA Earth API has disclosed.


Specifications of earth observation images differ among satellites, sensors, and distribution systems, so the hurdles of cross-sectional using of the data are still high. Therefore, we are developing and disclosed the satellite data distribution service, “JAXA Earth API”, which enables us to use JAXA's multiple satellite data immediately and intuitively.


The datasets includes JAXA's public datasets and other agency's public datasets converted to COG (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF), and so on. Over 70 datasets are available!

Land Surface Data by ALOS Satellite

  • AW3DDigital Surface Model
  • FNFForest Non Forest map

Precipitation Rate by GSMaP

  • RainMonthly
  • RainDaily
  • RainMonthly (normal)

Land Surface Temperature (LST) by GCOM-C Satellite

  • LSTDaytime / Monthly
  • LSTNighttime / Monthly
  • LSTDaytime / Daily
  • LSTNighttime / Daily

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) by GCOM-W Satellite

  • SSTDaytime / Daily
  • SSTNighttime / Daily

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) by GCOM-C Satellite

  • NDVIMonthly
  • NDVIHalf-monthly
  • NDVIDaily

Soil Moisture Content (SMC) by GCOM-W Satellite

  • SMCDaytime / Monthly
  • SMCNighttime / Monthly
  • SMCDaytime / Daily
  • SMCNighttime / Daily
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Apps & Tools

  • QGIS Plugin

    Python API is more easily available on the QGIS by using the plugin. (Developed by MIERUNE Inc.)

  • JavaScript Notebook Samples

    JavaScript API is also available on the Observable.

  • Sea Level Rise Simulator

    Explore the rise in sea level by using digital surface model "AW3D" data.

  • Data Explorer

    Explore JAXA Earth datasets by web app developed by using JavaScript API.



API that runs on the client side is developed and disclosed, which allows users to check and change the process as needed. The API can acquire metadata of any layer and satellite data of any area and date.

  • API for Python

    API for Python is available! The API has QGIS interface to acquire and display satellite images.

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  • API for JavaScript

    API for JavaScript will come soon! By using the API, you can display satellite images on your browers and can develop web apps.

Demonstration of JAXA Earth API for Python with QGIS


COG (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF)

  • In the database, JAXA Earth API uses COG as satellite image. COG enables users to get optimized tiles to minimize data volume of transfer.
  • If you would like to know more, please check it.
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STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog)

  • To enable efficient search and retrieval of COGs stored as various collections, STAC is employed as a data catalog and stored in a database.
  • If you would like to know more, please check it.
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